Film Creatives are casting for their latest Drama:


About the film

Set in a Hackney council flat this true story is based on a pregnant mum who gets get’s paranoid because of the riots going on just outside her house. Accompanied by her daughter this woman thinks she is in labor and wants to go to the hospital despite their situation. Mother and daughter get into a heated debate as to what to do…

We are casting the role of the mother Bea

Bea is a 40 year old white British London mum. She loves her family as a mother would. Bea has 4 other siblings but they are not very close. Bea studied in college but has no degree only certificates and diplomas. She worked for all her years for the same accountant firm in the PR department just on the outskirts of the city centre. Bea loves jazz and met her husband Len at a jazz concert. Bea and Len have been married for the last 16 years where they had their daughter Sunny during the first year of their marriage.

Her and her husband have decided that with this birth they would have a longer maternity leave, so they saved up for it. The family is still in financial difficulties but they are sticking through their what they have agreed upon. Bea’s husband is a technician for a well-known electrical company and is quite complacent with his job. They both seem to be happily married.

Nathan’s latest drama My Riot is based on a true story of a parent of one of his pupils he teaches in his filmmaking class.

The script was already work-shopped at the RADA studios with RADA( The Actors Lab) and The Directors UK where it was filmed and the script was questioned.

The film will only be a one days shoot on Saturday 3rd Nov, so candidates must be available for all of that day. The location will be in East London and the actress will get £150 paid for the job.

CASTING for this role is on Thurs 25th Oct from 10am to 7pm in a studio in Southwark Greater London.

Please let us know when is the best time for you to attend.

Please send info and CV’s to