Film Creatives Productions Ltd produces and distributes films and videos worldwide, whilst part of our mission statement is to help other filmmakers find work internationally through our 'Film Creatives Co-operative Platform'. 

This Co-operative is the social enterprise medium of Film Creatives which gives filmmakers internationally, the opportunity to develop their skills and sustain their everyday living by using Film Creatives as a platform to find regular work. Filmmakers are able to use the platform within their own discretion along side Film Creatives terms and conditions. Filmmakers be allowed to make use of the company's brand to find new projects. By using Film Creatives as a platform filmmakers would be able to manage their own Film Creatives within their own country or town creating new relationships and strengthening current one's.

Once a filmmaker is part of the Film Creatives Co-operative he or she would become a FC Teammate and would be able to make use of the following to find work:

  • FC's Website
  • Showreel 
  • CV 
  • Marketing material
  • Clients 
  • Workshops
  • Junior Film Creatives
  • Access to fellow FC co-op teammates and their skills
  • Forums
  • Online support system 
  • Personal Film Creatives email address
  • Filmmakers would have first preferences to take on projects that FC UK are unavailable to do within the UK or abroad. 

NOTE: Although you’ll be under the Film Creatives umbrella, We will NOT find the work for you, but this will give you the leverage to pitch for more work.

You’ll be assessed before joining but once you are a Film Creatives Teammate you are able to use the platform to find work.

We already have 9 countries on board Germany, Spain, Greece, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Slovakia, Scotland, Czech Republic and India where filmmakers are currently using the platform to find more work.

If you are struggling and feel the FC Co-operative is for you and you are able to manage your own Film Creatives within your country or town, please get in touch by sending us a showreel and a supporting statement as to why you'd be a good FC Teammate candidate. Please include quoting 'fcco-op1' within your statement.

****Please note if you are getting regular work this Co-operative is NOT for you****

Film Creatives Co-operative, at the moment is a non funded project. If you'd like to support our cause to helping other filmmakers please contact us or donate below.

All donations will go towards the expenses of international filmmakers or FC Teammates when projects are given to them to produce in the UK.