The Glowing Hours (2012)

Description: The Glowing Hours is a short film written and directed by Paul Young and starring Maya Beresford, which follows a young girl named Olivia through the intimate memories of her past, where she searches for the love of her mother and remembers a timeless promise she once made.

Run Time: 1.04 mins

Blowing Dandelions, Trailer (2011)

Description: A Drama featuring Sir Donald Sinden. Currently in Production to complete for festivals.

Run Time: 0.47 mins

What Happened To J? Trailer (2011)

Description:  A Drama of a girl faced with the realities of bullying, if this was you, what would you do?.

Run Time: 3.05 mins

Heroin(e), Trailer (2009)

Description: Heroin(e), screened at Soho Rushes 2009 and Rotoreliefs. Watch the exclusive trailer here.

Run Time: 1.07 mins