In this full days workshop 2-3 workshop leaders will be conducting the day. Depending on the schools requirements this workshop can either be for a full years group for the full day or the workshop can be done 3 times through the day to 3 different groups of 2 hours for each workshop. The day then goes on. Anti-bullying is then tackled in numerous interactive and exciting ways such as:

Click to view/download PDF

Click to view/download PDF

  • Role play on the scenes in the film where the children will act out some of the characters in the scenes.

  • Discussions and debates on anti-bullying ( who is affected, why people bully, what to do when you are bullied etc )

  • Looking at real life case studies and discussing these.

  • Interactive drama through forum theatre. 

  • Looking at the different ways on how bullying can be experienced i.e cyberbullying, verbal, physical, psychological and so on and looking at what are the most modern ways of bullying.

  • Looking at people we know and celebrities who have been bullied and how they have handled it.

  • Explore the motivations of both victims and bullies.

  • And discuss how we can be empowered citizens to stop bullying. 

What Happened To J? - SCHOOL WORKSHOP
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What Happened To J? - SCHOOL WORKSHOP

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