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POST  -  P R O D U C T I O N   S E R V I C E S 



From online content, social media videos, narrative films to commercials, we offer professional editors that have an array of experience editing from high end commercial brands.



We offer 2D and 3D animated motion graphics, which are commonly used to bring your company logo to life, express verbal information in a visual way and animate anything static into something creative and impactful. 



Our Visual FX offers to limits, with our work featured in international film festivals, Television and cinemas. Visual FX is a key part of telling your story visually, commonly used to enhance actions, replace/add elements that weren't originally shot and creation of fictional elements from scratch. We offer VFX bundles or even individual shots.  



Compositing and keying elements successfully in shot is the ability to portray that the finished result is entirely originally in the scene. We work with green/blue screens, matte paintings, live action and particles. 



Animated titles are continuously used intelligently within film, It reinforces information in a clever and entertaining way combined with live action. 



The feel of an image is a finishing component in any film. We offer a range of tones, textures and colours present your film in the most effective way.

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