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Film Creatives has been making movie making parties with companies like Sharky and George, Young Filmmakers Adacedmy


I N T R O D U C T I ON   T O   F I L M M A K I N G - O N L I N E   C O U R S E 

Our 'One Day Online Introduction to Filmmaking Course' is a fun way for young people to explore and create their own videos and films. Our aim is to help young people explore their curiosity through fun, safe and entertaining ways.


  • Taught by a professional filmmaker.

  • All students will learn how to write, film and edit their own stories. 

  • We’ll take your child on an exciting journey as we help create their videos from start to finish.

  • They will learn how to make their videos look professional.

  • They will be taught how to be resourceful and how to use what they have at home to make great memorable films.

  • Your child will use their own equipment, whatever they have available at home, e.g mobile phone, tablet etc.

  • In post-production they will learn how to edit their music, footage, add sound effects, colour grading and more.

  • The course is tailored to be challenging, practical and hands-on whilst being entertaining and fun. 

  • Our online course is from the safety of your own home, therefore safe and convenient.

  • We always finish on time as we take time keeping seriously but we use the time to its fullest.

Film Creatives Online Filmmaking Course
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