A US alcoholic ex-cop travels to South Africa to raise funds for his son’s heart operation, but when a financial transaction goes wrong he is caught up in a battle for his son's life and his own redemption.


A young girl suffers from guilt and anxiety after the sudden death of her beloved Grandmother. Ashamed of her anxiety

she tries to hide it. For how long will she keep this smoke a whisper?


During the London riots, a pregnant mother tries to manipulate her daughter to walk with her to hospital, only to find out that the mother wants to feed her shoe fetish desire by looting. The mother has to face the consequences of her actions, reaping what she has sown. Who do we blame for her and her daughter's actions? 


In response to Mark Duggan's death, riots swept across the city and then it became about looting and stealing. For me this raised a deep issue of systematic racism and inequality in society and what is portrayed by the media. To put it into context, if a policeman is manipulated by media and propaganda then his perception is skewed by that media and so he lives and responds according to that. When that same policeman walks into a poor area, his perception of a respectable citizen or family is also skewed by that same media and thus his response. Furthermore his perception is shaped by societal definitions, history and culture. The case of Mark Duggan conjured up underlying feelings for many black young people : feelings that they are worthless in society, lacking equal opportunity and respect. And this is compounded by the media and the perceptions that they create of how one should live or appear for example the media bias towards the caucasian, blond, blue-eyes middle class family. Even though the mother in this film has all the money in the world, she has a desire to loot and to over consume. Who do we blame for her consumerism and her irresponsibility? Is it the media, the system or her own fault? There is a conversation to be had about our collective and individual responsibility. We reap what we sow.



MY RIOT TAGLINE: Will what we teach to others, be a mirror of ourselves?


THEME: ‘We shall reap what we sow’


TOPICS: Racism, narcissism, death, consumerism, the media, blame, manipulation, capitalism